Filing taxes usually occurs around the end of January until mid-April. The first day to file your taxes changes every year and the IRS will notify taxpayers around mid-January when the first date taxes can be filed. This date varies and will depend on whether the IRS must implement any changes due to laws passed by the government.

Taxpayers can file prior to this date, but the government won’t process them until the first day of the tax season. Most years the tax deadline will be April 15, but this date varies as well depending on if it falls on a weekend or a holiday. Taxpayers can file past the deadline date but be aware that the IRS will impose late fees and interest on any unpaid taxes.

To avoid penalties and interest, taxpayers can go to and click on “Check Your Federal Tax Withholding”. Taxpayers can utilize the “Tax Withholding Estimator” to adjust the amount of taxes that should be withheld or paid throughout the year so no taxes are owed when tax season arrives.

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