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Pay 0$ Up Front

In the event a client is unable to pay fees upfront and is expecting a refund, the client has the option to have fees deducted directly from their refund. Please be advised, this service is subject to any additional service fees.

Tax Services Provided

Individual & Family Tax Service

Whether you are filing single, married filing jointly or head of household Angie will prepare your federal and state taxes with detailed accuracy.

Small Business / Self-Employed
Tax Service

Angie can assist in organizing your records to create an accurate Profit & Loss Statement, as well as a Balance Sheet (if required) to properly file your Schedule C with your Federal Return.

Tax Consultant

Uncertain about your current year tax liability? Schedule an appointment today for a review. We will:

⦁ Analyze your income, deductions, and eligible tax credits
⦁ Forecast your annual tax liability
⦁ Determine if adjustments are necessary and how to properly make those adjustments

Bookkeeping Services

⦁ Initial visit to discuss your small business needs
⦁ Establish bookkeeping using software or spreadsheets, or assess continuation with existing system
⦁ Billing/payment options for services rendered are available hourly, weekly, or monthly increments depending on your business needs

Meet Angie Wilburn

Your Tax Professional

Angie is a tax professional who specializes in tax preparation and consulting.  She graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree of Business Administration with an Accounting Major — focused on individual and business taxes.

Angie has 10-years of career experience working with the public. Along with being a tax professional she has acquired skills in tax consulting, financial reporting, bookkeeping, reconciling accounts, payroll management, and implementing systems tailored to fit small business needs.

“Angie’s goal is to reduce the amount of tax liability or receive the maximum amount of refund owed to the client.”

Angie is known for being detailed oriented and she is willing to stay focused and concentrate on a client for the time it takes to accomplish accurate tax returns.

During her time away from work — Angie enjoys being with her family in Jacksonville, Florida. She understands what it means to raise a family in today’s economy.  She is also passionate about giving to community food banks to help those in need of food.

Thank you for your business!


Be Informed

The Famous Child Tax Credit…

If you have children or dependents, then you will want to fill out Schedule 8812. This is 3 pages of math equations that seem to wind in so many paths just to give you an amount to enter on your...

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FAQ #1

Question? Do I have to own a home to file head of household?

Answer: No. You can file head of household if you are unmarried or legally separated from your spouse and you can claim someone as a dependent. Certain conditions and tests must be met, but owning a home is not one of them.

FAQ #2

Question? Should I itemize my deductions or take the standard deduction?

Answer: You should itemize if your deductions exceed the standard deduction as this will reduce your tax liability, or if required to do so by the IRS.

FAQ #3

Question? Who is considered a dependent?

Answer: A qualifying child (i.e. son, daughter, step-child, adopted child, etc.) or a qualifying relative (Mom, Dad, Aunt, etc.) can be considered a dependent. Certain conditions and tests must be met. A neighbor’s child would not be considered your dependent.

FAQ #4

Question? Do I have to file if I don’t owe any taxes or if the IRS owes me money?

Answer: You must file to receive any money owed to you. There is a time limit to file and claim your credits, deductions, etc.. You do not have to file if your earned and unearned income fall under certain income limits. If you are unsure please check with your tax adviser before the filing deadline to avoid any penalties or fees.

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